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The Weiland Society

Leaving a Legacy for the Future

The Weiland Society was established to recognize individuals who have created gifts to GLSEN through tax-wise planned giving. The most frequently planned gifts are made by naming GLSEN, Inc. as a beneficiary of a will, retirement account, life insurance policy or trust.
Gifts made by Weiland Society members enable GLSEN to plan long-term for the programs, activities, and advocacy that will help us realize our vision of ending anti-LGBT bullying and harassment and providing a safe school climate for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
A Weiland Society member does not need to have a large income or to amass great personal wealth. Most of us have accumulated some assets and care about what person or cause they will benefit in the future. Life and estate planning often allow a larger fight to be made than originally anticipated. You can make a lasting contribution toward ensuring safe schools free of bullying, harassing, and biased behavior by considering a bequest gift to GLSEN, Inc.

GLSEN’s legacy will be forever linked to eliminating anti-LGBTQ bias and violence in schools altogether so every student has the opportunity to reach their full academic potential – and yours can be too!


To Join The Weiland Society

Simply include GLSEN in your will or other estate plan.  To ensure your wishes are followed exactly, we recommend including GLSEN’s full legal name and address in your will.  Additionally, while state laws vary, the below language includes important information that should enable you to include GLSEN as a beneficiary of your legacy:

I/we hereby give and bequeath (specify the cash amount, percentage amount, or property) to GLSEN, Inc. incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, residing in New York City, New York, and with Tax ID 04-3234202, for its general purposes.

After working with your personal attorney or financial/tax advisor to make the legal arrangements to leave a legacy bequest to GLSEN, please complete and submit this  form on-line.  Alternatively, you can fill this enrollment form out/print it and return to:

The Weiland Society

GLSEN 110 William Street, 30th Floor

New York, NY 10038


For more information about the Weiland Society, Leaving a Legacy for the Future or about making a planned gift to GLSEN, please call or email Steve Mancuso at 646-388-6588 or


GLSEN is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.