Transgender Day of Rememberence provides an opportunity for memebers of each school community to bring attention to and counteract anti-transgender bias, prejudice and discimination.
Many transgender and gender nonconforming youth experience high levels of harassment and assault in school, which can negatively affect school performance and academic aspirations. 
On this Transgender Day of Rememberence show your commitment to making your school safer and more inclusive for All students, regardless of thier gender identity or gender expression, by signing the pledge below. Then click here to learn more and get involved!


I pledge to support transgender and gender nonconforming youth by making a commitment to:

  • Not to use gender-biased language or transphobic slurs.
  • Not assume anyone's gender identity and ask respectfully how a person identifies.
  • Respect the diversity of all gender identities and expressions.

By making this commitment, I am working to make my school safer for all students, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.