Five ways you can help GLSEN win
$1 Million from Chase American Giving Awards

GLSEN is one of 25 charities competing for a chance to win $1 million in the Chase Community Giving Awards. Our hope of winning and expanding our work to create a world in which every child learns to value and respect all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression depends on your votes!

Voting is now open, so help create safe schools for all students today!

1. Vote! November 27 marks the first day of the competition, so make sure you vote! You can vote once on Facebook and once more at if you are a Chase account holder. The contest ends December 4 at 11:59 p.m.

2. Pledge to vote. By signing up to receive emails, you can stay informed of the great work your support enables GLSEN to do. Hopefully, we’ll be able to email you on December 8 with $1 million to help make safe schools.

Pledge to support GLSEN

3. Show your support on Facebook. After you vote, you can let the world know that you chose GLSEN by “liking” us on Facebook. Let you friends know you voted, and ask them to show their support as well.

4. Tell your friends about the contest. Let your friends and family know that you support making school safe for all students. After you vote for GLSEN, make sure your friends know about the amazing work GLSEN could do with $1 million. Here's a sample email that you can send:

GLSEN is an organization I support that is working to make schools safer for LGBT students and they have an incredible opportunity to win up to $1 million from Chase. I just voted for them in the American Giving Awards.

We know that when communities act, students do better. And with this money, GLSEN can reach more communities, and impact more students.

Will you pledge to vote for GLSEN? It’s a simple sign-up form and once you do they’ll send you an email reminding you to vote. You can do that quickly and easily here:

Thanks so much, together we can make a huge impact for students!

5. Donate a tweet a day. Looking for an easy way to let your followers know that you support GLSEN? Donate a tweet a day and join a network of students, educators, parents, administrators, and supporters who are working to make schools safer. Your tweets will help spread the word about ways we can all make a difference! Click here to donate a tweet a day.