Ally Week
october 21-25, 2013
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  • 150 – 300 words (shorter is ok, too!) Tell us why you are an ally, or why allies are important to you!
  • Include a picture of yourself holding one of the Ally Week signs ("I'm an ally" or "I ♥ allies")
  • We'd like to include your first name and state along with your post; if you feel comfortable with us sharing your city or school name, please let us know!
  • Send it to or post it on the GLSEN Tumblr!
Share your story with us! Let us know why you are an ally, or why allies are important to you.
  • Put the GLSEN Ally Week logo before the video begins. We made it easy, just use this image:
  • (For allies to LGBT youth) Start or end your video by saying "I'm [Your Name] and I'm an ally". Tell us why you are an ally or why you love allies!
  • The video must be less than one minute long (not including logo at the beginning)
  • Upload the video to your YouTube account
  • Include #AllyWeek in the title and make the video public so that we—and others—can find it.   |   tel 212.727.0135   |   copyright © 2011 GLSEN. all rights reserved.   |   privacy policy